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With migrant parents from both Irish/Scotland/English, and Asian descent, I lived for a time in Ireland and Mauritius (in Africa), I moved to a classic inner London council flat and grew up in an inner urban area and then on the South coast.

Despite leaving school and home aged 13, I studied Environmental Science at University, whilst being an activist involved in the road protests of the 90s, as well as LGBTQI+ activisim.My activism also included being website coordinator for Stop the War Coalition; co-founding and chairing the protest which prevented building upon Crystal Palace Park; and providing legal co-ordination for a number of protests and campaigns.In Derbyshire I represented protestors who fought successfully to stop a quarrying operation by the Nine Ladies ancient monument (Peak District National Park). I’ve represented a number of bodies in Court over 15 years, fighting to protect our natural heritage.I have stood for the Green Party at every level, including councillor, MEP, London Assembly, and MP in Kent and London. I co-founded Southwark Green Party (South London) in 1998 and was first coordinator and then election agent and campaign manager, getting our first Councillor elected there.I’ve honed my skills through operating or founding a diverse range of successful projects and companies over 20 years.

These experiences were often tough and taught me the value of dialogue, an open mind, and of considering evidence and reevaluating views.I have worked in the following capacities: as a planning advisor (with clients including Councils, rural farmers, and urban businesses); at a farm and woodland project in Kent; providing assistance to asylum seekers and immigrants; running an organic vegan café; an arts company (painting murals). I have been a trustee of a number of charities, including London Wildlife Trust. I have also worked as a carer for 20 years for friends with mental health challenges.Varied as these positions are, there has been an underlying theme – my driving force – providing real life blueprints for ecological living. I also balance my life with swimming, playing music (guitar, banjo, and piano), long board, cycling and live music gigs.I have a keen interest in housing policy and I’ve been fortunate to have looked at the issue from many sides – as tenant, landlord, leaseholder and currently as a co-operative member. I co-founded and managed a series of housing co-operatives which now provide over 100 affordable and vibrant spaces in shared homes in both town and country, across England – from Bristol to south London.



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